LiftXp software

LiftXP is a Cost Effective Cloud-based Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Sizing Software.

Flexible license model with Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly subscription. For prices please email us at sales@evinsys.com

Only SaaS in the Industry for Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Sizing and Design.

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LiftXP Software Modules

LiftXP Features

  • Cloud based solution.
  • Several Sizing Modules (Basic, Gassy, Advance and Supports for Horizontal Pump System).
  • Workflow style simplifying the Sizing process.
  • Generate PDF Sales Reports.
  • Downhole Diagram with a summary of the selected equipment.
  • Generate alerts right on the screen when equipment is not the right one for the application.
  • Select up to three protectors and up to two tandem motors.
  • Size vertical and deviated wells in Advanced Sizing.
  • Apply Viscous Flow effects to Pump and Motor Performance.
  • Find IPR curves to predict your inflow.
  • Simulate free gas effects on your system including Turpin’s coefficient prediction.
  • Stage-by-stage pump calculations provide accurate calculation of stages and brake horsepower requirements.
  • PVT calculations predict rates, densities, solubilities and other required variables at every point of the system.
  • Multi phase flow models accurately predict TDH requirements and pressure losses.
  • Supports all manufacturer’s pump.
  • Ability to compare models range within the same series.
  • A Required Stages vs Q chart gives an idea on the required stages should you expect the produced flow rate to change due to changes in the reservoir or uncertain rates forecast.
  • Tabbed entries interface allows designers to go back and forth easily and quickly through the different entry and selection modules.
  • IPR calculations allow users to match the inflow from the well to the expected pumped rates.