Evinsys offers a wide range to Digital Oilfield Solutions ranging from: Smart Surveillance, Diagnostics, Analytics, Optimization and Smart Control

With the WellLynx Platform, EVINSYS provides the many of the critical technologies required for the Digital Oilfield implementation and deployment. The WellLynx offers an integrated approach to the Digital Oilfield implementation to include the first IoT RTU for the O&G and a Cloud software for Data Acquisition (SCADA), Data Management, Time-Series Data Historian, Data Visualization & Reporting and Data Analytics. The WellLynx integrated solution reduces upfront, operational and communication cost, simplifies deployment, eliminates integration complexity and optimize performance.

Challenges in the oil and gas industry

  • More than 70% of the wells in the world are still not connected and monitored.
  • Production loss is staggering artificially lifted wells (in excess of 10% in many companies) due to well equipment failures and stoppag.
  • The industry still requires large operational staff to perform normal daily checks and maintenance on wells.
  • More than 90% of accidents in the O&G industry are caused by people driving to the fields.
  • Current technologies and solutions offered by most automation and service companies are still too expensive, outdated, logistically complex, inefficient and require too much maintenance and support.
  • The industry has not seen major Game Changer technology in Automation Technology in the past decade.

The digital oilfield (DOF)

  • Smart measurement and control systems in the wells (subsurface and surface), network and facilities.
  • The capture, transmission and integration of real-time data from across the asset.
  • Delivering of data in real-time across the organization, and finally.
  • Intelligent data processing.
  • There goals of the Digital Oilfield can vary depending on the clients and their goals but generally it can be summarized as follows:

Digital oilfield technologies