RTU for oil and gas


The 1st IIoT Managed RTU on the market. Simple & easy to deploy and manage and supports most industry accepted protocols (MODBUS, DNP3, OPC, IoT-MQTT, FTPS).

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Wellhead Panel

The WellLynx Wellhead panel is Class 1 DIV 2 Certifications and supports Satellite or Cellular communications.

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Welllynx IIOT managed RTU highlights

Reduce communication cost by 90% with the welllynx platform

With the WellLynx platform communication cost is reduced by over 90% over traditional SCADA and MODBUS communications. Using Smart Data Push Reporting, Report-By-Exception, Store & Forward Capabilities and finally Data Compression communication data packet size requirements and communication cost is reduced over 90%. The WellLynx intelligent Communication process guarantees no raw data or well events will be lost regardless of any network communication interruption. While other Cloud base solutions limit data acquisition interval to minute or higher, we guarantee data delivery and capable of delivering high density data (100 milliseconds) at a significantly lower cost.

Welllynx IIOT managed RTU low cost of ownership

  • Simple & Easy Deployment
    • Single File Deployment (Binary & Configuration)
    • Remote Licensing & Activation
    • Remote Updates
  • Built-In Versioning – Ability to store and maintain within the RTU several versions of the:
    • Deployments files
    • Configuration files
    • Individual Modules
  • One Click Backup – Generate & back-up deployment and configuration with one single click
  • Remote Maintenance & Management
  • Global updates – Ability to globally updates all RTU’s with the WL Device Management System (DMS)
  • Audit Trail – Complete audit trail for all events and changes
  • Equipment Monitoring – Ability to monitor RTU hardware and system resources