Developing Innovative Technology for the Next Generation Digital Oilfield

About Evinsys

We Revolutionize the Digital Oilfield by delivering a game-changing technology for Real-time Data Acquisition, Data Management, Time-Series Historian, Business Intelligence, Data Driven Analytics, HTML5 Visualization and IoT Managed RTU’s. We have best in class technologies (hardware & software) offered at significantly lower prices than all of our competitors. Our WellLynx software offers secure & reliable architecture with agile & flexible deployment using public cloud, private cloud or on premise within the client firewalls. A complete managed software and hardware solutions and supporting the industry accepted standards we have the lowest cost of ownership in the industry today.

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Evinsys Advantage

Integrated solution
  • Integrated Hardware (RTU & Modem)
  • Integrated Software Solution
  • Time-Series Historian
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Visualization & Reporting
  • Data Analytics & Diagnostics
  • Predictive Modeling
Conserve your IT resources
  • Rapid Deployment & Scalable Solution
  • Secure & Reliable with Dedicated Client Servers
  • Managed Hardware & Software Solution
  • Public, Private or On-Premise Installation
  • No Maintenance
  • Data Analytics & Diagnostics
  • No Client Installations
Maximize performance
  • Intuitive HTML5 UI/UX
  • Smart Surveillance
  • Context Sensitive Views & Reports
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Rule based Diagnostics
  • Equipment Failure Prediction
Oil & Gas Applications
  • ESP
  • Rod Pumps
  • Gas Lift
  • PCP
  • Tanks
  • Pipeline
Affordable & flexible pricing
  • Lowest Pricing in the Industry
  • Simple Pricing Model
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Month-to-Month Flexibility
  • No Hidden Cost
  • No Data limitation
Global communication
  • Global Coverage
  • Cellular or Satellite
  • Low Communication Cost



Enterprise Software Platform for the Digital Oilfield. Agile Deployment, Scalable & Secure.

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Cloud based ESP Sizing Software.

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Hardware Products


The 1st IIoT Managed RTU on the market. Simple & easy to deploy and manage and supports most industry accepted protocols (MODBUS, DNP3, OPC, IoT-MQTT, FTPS).

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Pump Off Controller and ESP Well Manager

The WellLynx Wellhead panel is Class 1 DIV 2 Certifications and supports Satellite or Cellular communications.

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Accelerates the DOF implementation with the Welllynx enterprise platform

The WellLynx Enterprise software platform can be deployed using public cloud, private cloud or within the client IT domain. The WellLynx is secure, reliable, scalable architecture that can integrate with different communications media (Satellite, Cellular, WIMAX, etc.). With built-in Time-Series Historian, business intelligence, data driven analytics and HTML 5 visualization implementation and deployments time is reduced to hours and minutes.